Leak Detection Services in Orlando, FL


Maintaining a reliable home or office requires proactive safety measures. These actions include monitoring your plumbing, air ducts, and structure for leaks. Healthy Home Environmental Services can help. We provide leak detection services for commercial and residential property owners throughout Orlando, FL, and the surrounding area. We know that you would be quick to call a professional if you noticed puddles on your floor or gaps around your windows. But these signs are not always there. Leaks could be damaging your home or putting your employees at risk without you even knowing it. Before addressing a problem, you must be aware of its presence. Our professionals use infrared imaging to locate any leaks in your home or business so that you can immediately remedy them. Call us today to learn more about our leak detection company and services.

Leak Detection in Orlando, FL

Leak Detection

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Infrared Imaging in Orlando, FL

Infrared Imaging

Our Leak Detection Company Can Identify Various Issues

Leak detection extends beyond mere water leaks. Of course, Healthy Home Environmental Services addresses moisture problems, but our expertise also encompasses leaks in your windows, attics, air ducts, and more. We use a fast, non-invasive technique to pinpoint any leaks in your home or building. This enables you to focus on replacing or repairing only damaged areas. Our team specializes in infrared (IR) thermography. Using thermographic cameras, we can generate accurate, precise thermal images of your property to isolate any problem points. With this information, you can be confident in your ability to enhance the effectiveness and safety of your home or business.

Benefits of Leak Detection Services

Infrared imaging from Healthy Home Environmental Services provides a wide array of benefits. Most notably, identifying leaks in your structure or its features can help you prevent significant problems in the future while also saving you money in utility expenses right now. Among the many benefits of our leak detection services are:

Leaks due to poor insulation, gaps or holes in your walls or ceiling, or issues with your flue can affect your home’s energy efficiency. We will identify these problems so that you can effectively maintain your home’s climate.

Our experts will find plumbing leaks and sources of water intrusion so that you can address these issues before they cause structural damage or facilitate mold growth that could lead to health concerns.

By using infrared imaging, we can immediately identify your problem points so that you can repair your property quickly and completely.

Why You Should Choose Healthy Home Environmental Services

Healthy Home Environmental Services has been a leading provider of leak detection services in Orlando, FL since 2006. Our family-owned and -operated company is committed to complete customer satisfaction with every project. We recognize that not all leaks are equal. In many cases, you know exactly where a problem is. But that does not mean you have the full picture. Our infrared technology can provide that for you. Where there is one leak, there may be more. So, let us help protect you from energy loss, moisture problems, and health concerns. We are a certified building science thermographer, so you know you can trust our expertise with innovative technology. Our friendly customer service team is standing by to help you or provide details about our capabilities.

Contact Us for Leak Detection Services Today

The safety and dependability of your residential or commercial property are surely among your priorities. But regardless of how well you monitor your facility, there could be issues mounting below the surface. Plumbing leaks could be damaging your foundation or facilitating mold growth before you are even aware they are happening. Additionally, air leaks around windows or doors could be negatively impacting your home’s energy efficiency. But Healthy Home Environmental Services has the technology and expertise to help. We offer leak detection services in Orlando, FL, and throughout the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about our infrared imaging technology.