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Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC provides leak detection,  inspections, and testing to the Central Florida area. Most structures can be damaged by tiny leaks. Over time, the small leaks can burst an cause tons of damage to structures. Maintaining a reliable home or office requires proactive safety measures. These actions include monitoring your plumbing, air ducts, and structure for leaks. 

Healthy Home Environmental Services has years of experience and is fully trained to help find water leaks promptly.We provide timely water  leak detection for commercial and residential property owners throughout Orlando, FL, and the surrounding area. 

We know that you would quickly call a professional if you noticed puddles on your floor or gaps around your windows. But these signs are not always there. Slab leaks could damage the structure of your home or put your employees at risk without you knowing.

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Before addressing a problem with a plumber or technician, you must know its presence to arrange leak repair. Our professionals use infrared imaging to locate any leaks in your home or business so that you can immediately remedy them. Call us today to learn more about our leak detection company and services.

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Leak Detection is vital when dealing with mold and moisture problems in residential & commercial buildings

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We believe leak detection is essential when dealing with mold and moisture problems in buildings because it helps to identify the source of the moisture and prevent further damage. Moisture is one of the primary contributors to mold growth, which can lead to serious health problems and structural damage if left untreated.

When water leaks into a building, it can create an ideal environment for mold to grow. The moisture provides the necessary conditions for mold spores to germinate and spread, which can cause health problems for people who are sensitive to mold. Some of the health effects associated with exposure to mold include respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and asthma.

In addition to health concerns, moisture can also cause structural damage to a building over time. Water can weaken building materials such as wood, wood flooring, drywall, and insulation, which can lead to structural problems and compromise the integrity of the building.

Leak detection is crucial because it helps to identify the source of the moisture and prevent further damage to the building. By identifying and repairing leaks promptly, property owners can prevent mold growth and reduce the risk of health problems and structural damage. Early detection and repair can also save property owners money by preventing costly repairs in the future.

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FAQ's about Lead Testing Service

Lead testing is the process of checking for the presence of lead in a home or building. It is important because lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health

Anyone who lives in an older home or building, or who suspects that they may have lead-based paint or plumbing materials, should consider lead testing. It is especially important for homes with young children or pregnant women.

Common sources of lead in homes or buildings include lead-based paint, lead pipes and plumbing fixtures, and soil and dust contaminated with lead.

Lead is a toxic heavy metal that can pose a significant health risk when it enters your drinking water. One of the most common ways that lead enters your water is through the corrosion of service pipes that contain lead. This is especially true in areas with high acidity or low mineral content that can corrode pipes and fixtures. The most significant source of lead in drinking water is from brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and fixtures with lead solder. Hot water can also exacerbate the problem by allowing more significant amounts of lead to enter into the water. If your home was built before 1986, it is more likely to have lead pipes, fixtures, and solder. That’s why it’s essential to have your water tested regularly by a professional water testing service. At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we offer comprehensive water testing services to help you identify any potential lead contamination in your water. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide accurate and reliable testing services for residential and commercial properties in the Central Florida area. We also offer customized recommendations for water treatment and filtration systems that are tailored to your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to schedule your water testing appointment and take the first step towards clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.

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