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When it comes to keeping your home safe and healthy, it’s important to trust the experts. That’s why Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC is proud to offer top-quality mold inspection services when testing house for mold.

Our team of experienced mold inspectors use state-of-the-art equipment to detect even the most hidden mold in your home, ensuring that your living space remains free from harmful toxins. 

With over 16  years of expertise in the industry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing thorough and comprehensive local mold inspections that give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve. 

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So why wait? Protect your home and your family’s health by hiring the top mold home inspections today. Contact us to schedule an inspection when testing your house for mold.

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Our Central Florida mold home inspectors will:

The inspector will visually inspect all areas of your property, including hard-to-reach places like crawl spaces and attics.

Moisture levels will be measured in areas where mold is commonly found, such as around pipes or in the basement.

The inspector will take air samples to test for the presence of mold spores.

If mold is found, the inspector may take samples of the affected area to determine the type of mold and its toxicity.

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will provide a detailed report outlining their findings and recommendations for remediation if necessary.

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Why Choose Healthy Home Environmental Services as your mold inspectors?

  • We are Family Owned and Operated Since 2006
  • Are Licensed & Insured
  • We have a Quick Turnaround time for scheduling and reports
  • We have a A+ BBB Rating
  • Serving Commercial and Residential Properties
  • Out of Town Property Owner? No Problem!
  • Guaranteed Next Day Laboratory Results for Mold Analysis

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Shawna Heninger

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This company is LEGITIMATE! We have used them several times and they have always been accurate. We have used them to inspect several homes that we were thinking of purchasing and they have found mold for us that had either been hidden by the owners or that they owners did not know that they had. They do a great job letting you know if the mold issue is worth worrying about. They don't use scare tactics and really know what they are doing. We highly recommend using them.

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Julie Parker

starstarstarstarstar (5)

We've had called on three times in past year's..Always!!! friendly,helpful, and responsive.. And fast turn over for results.. Thank you

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Buffalo Ambition Barbers

starstarstarstarstar (5)

They are fast an very easy to work with will definitely recommend them .

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Roger Xavier

starstarstarstarstar (5)

A very professional company. Fast and efficient service at an affordable price.

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Rolf Kvamme

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Fast and Friendly service. Will definitely recommend to all my friends.

FAQ's for Mold Home Inspectors

Mold thrives in warm, humid environments with moisture and a food source. Common causes include leaks, floods, poor ventilation, and high humidity.

We believe mold inspections are vital for central Florida homeowners.

Signs of mold include a musty odor, visible mold growth, and respiratory symptoms like sneezing and coughing. A mold inspection can help to identify hidden mold.

Mold can cause a range of health issues, from minor irritations to severe allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Certain types of mold can also be toxic and pose a serious health risk.

Prevention includes reducing moisture levels by fixing leaks, ensuring proper ventilation, and using dehumidifiers. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help to prevent mold growth. Here’s a list of mold prevention strategies.

If you find mold in your home, it is important to take action to address the problem as soon as possible. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Identify the source of the mold growth and address any underlying moisture problems. Mold needs moisture to grow, so it is important to identify and fix any leaks or water damage that may be contributing to the problem.

  2. Consider hiring a professional mold remediation company to assist with the cleanup process. Mold cleanup can be a complex and potentially hazardous process, so it is important to have the expertise and equipment necessary to do the job safely and effectively.

  3. Take steps to protect your health during the cleanup process. Wear protective clothing and equipment, such as gloves, goggles, and a respirator, to prevent exposure to mold spores.

The three most important pieces of information to know about dealing with mold in your home are:

  1. It is important to address mold growth as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading and causing further damage to your home.
  2. Mold cleanup can be a complex and potentially hazardous process, so it is important to have the expertise and equipment necessary to do the job safely and effectively.
  3. Taking steps to protect your health during the cleanup process is crucial to prevent exposure to mold spores and other potential hazards.

The average costs for a home mold inspection can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the property, the extent of the inspection required, and the location. Typically, the cost can range between $275 and up depending on the market.

For smaller properties or limited inspections focusing on specific areas, the cost can be towards the lower end of the range. On the other hand, larger properties or more extensive inspections covering multiple rooms or areas may fall towards the higher end.

It’s important to note that additional factors such as the reputation and expertise of the mold inspector or the presence of any specialized equipment or testing methods can also influence the cost. Some inspectors may offer package deals that include both the inspection and testing services, which could impact the overall pricing as well.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific situation, it’s recommended to reach out to reputable mold inspection companies in your area and request quotes based on your property’s details and inspection needs. This will help you determine the precise cost associated with obtaining a thorough and professional mold inspection. You can read more about mold costs here.

It varies depending of size of residence but typically between 2 to 6 hours. Learn more in our article.

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