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In times like these, surface cleaning and cleaning verification is imperative.

Healthy Home Environmental Services is the leading experts in ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) cleaning verification testing. This method is used to measure the effectiveness of a cleaning process. ATP is a molecule found in all living cells, and its presence indicates the presence of organic matter, such as bacteria, food residues, and other contaminants.

During ATP cleaning verification testing, a swab or other sampling tool is used to collect a sample from a surface after it has been cleaned. The sample is then mixed with a reagent that produces light when it comes into contact with ATP. The amount of light produced is measured by a luminometer, which provides a numerical value that indicates the level of cleanliness of the surface.

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How Hygiena ATP Cleaning Verification Works:

How Hygiena ATP Cleaning Verification Works:

  • Hygiena’s cleaning verification can tell you in as little as 10 seconds if a surface has been cleaned properly using ATP.
  • ATP is an energy molecule found in all plant, animal and microbial cells. It fuels metabolic processes such as cellular reproduction, muscle contraction, plant photosynthesis, respiration in fungi, and fermentation in yeast. All organic matter (living or once-living) contains ATP, including food, bacteria, mold and other microorganisms.
  • Hygiena™ ATP testing devices contain a natural enzyme found in fireflies. This enzyme, called luciferase, produces a simple bioluminescence (light producing) reaction when it comes into contact with ATP. Using bioluminescence technology, our ATP Meters can measure extremely low levels of ATP collected with testing devices. Measuring the amount of bioluminescence from an ATP reaction provides an excellent indication of surface cleanliness because the quantity of light generated by the reaction is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample.
  • To track cleaning efforts and verify they have been effective.
  • To verify that high-touch areas in your facility have been cleaned properly
  • To verify hand-washing has been conducted effectively
  • To verify that common areas, meeting rooms, and offices have been cleaned according to standard.
  • Provide Clearance Testing for outbreak or contamination situations
  • Provide Clearance Testing after sanitization efforts in all facilities
  • Provide Clearance Testing for Crime and Trauma scenes
  • Provide Sanitization Certification to post at your facility

Hygiena ATP cleaning services in Orlando, FL

  • ATP meters do not detect viruses
  • Hygiena does not produce a virus test
  • Performing ATP Cleaning Verification does not guarantee the removal of viruses on surfaces
  • ATP Cleaning Verification should be used in conjunction with CDC recommendations and guidelines

Evaluate Environmental Cleaning with ATP Testing by Using Healthy Home Environmental Services Third Party Testing.

As part of a Level II environmental monitoring program, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends monitoring cleaning thoroughness with an objective measurement tool, such as an ATP Cleaning Verification System. The guide below explains how you can implement an ATP monitoring program according to the guidelines set forth by the CDC toolkit: Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning.

Healthy Home Environmental Services provides third-party testing and an exclusive approach to maintaining the highest level of cleanliness where it counts the most.

ATP testing in Orlando, FL

We service Residential and Commercial Properties – Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Schools, Veterinary & Pet Care facilities, Airline Industry, Rental Car Industry, Crime and Trauma Scenes, and more! Just about anywhere where a high standard of cleaning is imperative.

Germs and bacteria left behind after cleaning can quickly lead to serious illness or even worse – an outbreak of viruses. ATP testing, not only detects germs and contamination but helps verify the highest standard of cleanliness possible. The tracking cleaning performance of personnel is a great way to generate helpful, constructive reports for your staff. Healthy Home Environmental Services will meet with you personally to discuss your needs and customize a test plan for your facility. Test plans can be organized by individual personnel, department, floor, wing, etc.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly monitoring will ensure your establishment exceeds cleaning standards.

Check for cleanliness on any/all surfaces assuring your clientele or home is free of contaminated surfaces.

Germs and bacteria left behind after cleaning can quickly lead to illness or even worse – an outbreak of viruses. Prevent a negative experience and protect your reputation by keeping bacteria at a minimum. Healthy Home Environmental Services will meet with you personally to discuss your needs and customize a test plan for your facility. Test plans can be organized by individual personnel, department, floor, room, wing, etc.

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Healthy Home Environmental Services does more than just verify cleanliness: We evaluate the effectiveness of disinfectants and sanitizers, measure the performance of sanitization efforts, and ensure compliance with cleaning protocols. We verify that the optimal levels of cleanliness are met to keep people safe and uphold the highest standards of hygiene.


Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC, is a family-owned and -operated business established in 2006. With over a decade of experience helping the residents of Central Florida, enjoy lead free homes, we’re confident that we can help you as well.

We pride ourselves on comprehensive services and quick response times, and when you hire us for Lead testing, you’ll get an unbiased and full report so that you know what further steps to take.

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FAQ's about ATP Testing Service

ATP testing is a process that uses bioluminescence to detect and quantify the amount of ATP on surfaces or in samples. It is a quick and effective method to assess the cleanliness of a surface by indicating the presence of biological matter.

ATP testing works by using a luminometer, a device that measures light intensity, in combination with a swab that has been used to collect a sample from the surface being tested. The swab is inserted into the luminometer after being treated with a reagent that reacts with ATP to produce light. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present, indicating the level of cleanliness.

ATP testing is used in various sectors including food processing and packaging, healthcare (especially in hospitals and clinics for infection control), pharmaceutical manufacturing, and any other industry where sanitation and hygiene are of paramount importance.

ATP testing is important because it provides a quantifiable measurement of cleanliness on surfaces that can’t be achieved through visual inspection alone. It helps in preventing contamination, ensuring product safety, and meeting regulatory requirements.

ATP testing detects organic matter and microorganisms that may not be visible to the eye. However, it does not specifically identify types of bacteria or viruses. The presence of ATP is used as an indicator of overall biological contamination.

es, one of the major advantages of ATP testing is its speed. Results can be obtained in seconds, making it an efficient method for real-time monitoring and immediate decision-making regarding cleaning practices.

No, ATP testing is not a substitute for microbial testing. While it can provide a quick indication of surface cleanliness and potential contamination, it does not identify specific microbes. Microbial testing is necessary for detailed analysis and identification of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

ATP testing is highly sensitive and can detect very low levels of ATP, making it an effective tool for assessing surface cleanliness. However, the sensitivity may vary depending on the luminometer used and the environment being tested.

Factors that can affect ATP testing results include the presence of sanitizers or disinfectants on the surface, the type of surface being tested, and the sampling technique. Proper training and consistent methodology are important for obtaining accurate results.

ATP testing can be used on a wide range of surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, ceramics, and more. However, the efficacy and accuracy of the test may vary depending on the surface texture and the presence of substances that can interfere with the ATP reaction.

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This company is LEGITIMATE! We have used them several times and they have always been accurate. We have used them to inspect several homes that we were thinking of purchasing and they have found mold for us that had either been hidden by the owners or that they owners did not know that they had. They do a great job letting you know if the mold issue is worth worrying about. They don't use scare tactics and really know what they are doing. We highly recommend using them.

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We've had called on three times in past year's..Always!!! friendly,helpful, and responsive.. And fast turn over for results.. Thank you

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They are fast an very easy to work with will definitely recommend them .

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A very professional company. Fast and efficient service at an affordable price.

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Fast and Friendly service. Will definitely recommend to all my friends.

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