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Healthy Homes Environmental Services is a leader in Sanford Mold inspection & testing, detection, and assessment in the Sanford area. Since 2006, we have been helping homeowners and businesses improve their indoor air quality and identify dangerous mold.


• Fully licensed and insured to serve commercial and residential properties in Sanford, FL
• Unbiased Sanford mold inspection & testing (as we do not offer mold remediation services)
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Guaranteed next-day laboratory results for mold analysis
• Family-owned and operated since 2006
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• We provide Sanford mold inspection & testing; remediation protocol reports; mold clearance testing

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The hot, humid weather coupled with heavy rains make Sanford a dream breeding ground for mold. And while not all mold is dangerous to your health, there are many strains of mold that can cause serious health complications.

With over 60,000 residents in Sanford, we have seen our fair share of mold growth in homes and businesses. As an A+ BBB-rated company, you can trust us to accurately detect mold in your home or business.

If you think you have mold, contact Healthy Home Environmental Services, LLC, for our mold inspection and mold testing services. When looking for a company to inspect your home or business for potential indoor mold growth, it is important to use a mold detection company that is not involved in the remediation process. That is exactly what we offer; unbiased mold testing without a conflict of interest.

When to Call a Professional Mold Detection Company

Most Sanford, Fl homeowners or business owners contact us to test for mold for one or more of the following reasons:Healthy Home Environmental Services, LLC
• Strange or musty smell
• Visible mold growth
• Unexplained health complications and symptoms
• Recent water damage
• Real estate transactions / new property purchase
• Looking for peace of mind
• When Mycotoxin exposure is a concern

Any inspection for mold that is done without testing is simply a guess at what is going on with your indoor air quality. Our Sanford Mold Inspection & Testing is so valuable because we offer hard evidence about what is going on and if the mold in your home or business is dangerous.

Providing #1 Sanford Mold Inspection & Testing Services

Our Sanford Mold Inspection & Testing services include:

Mold testing & assessment

    • Remediation protocol reports

Mold clearance testing

    • Allergen testing
    • Bacteria, mold surface testing
    • COVID-19 surface testing

Infrared thermal imaging leak detection

    • Lead testing

Well water testing

Why Not Look for Mold on Your Own

There are many strains of mold that naturally occur in Sanford, FL. Only a professional Sanford mold inspection & testing company can identify if the indoor air has a higher level of mold than the outdoor air if the mold in your home or business is dangerous to your health and if you have hidden mold.

Additionally, experienced mold inspectors are able to collect samples from all the locations where mold is potentially growing. This is not something most people do successfully if they try to test or identify mold on their own.

A visual inspection alone will not indicate how dangerous mold growth is – only mold testing by a professional can accurately identify the specific strain of mold in your home, determine if the indoor levels of mold detected exceed normal levels and evaluate the risk to your health.

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Our Process

When you hire us for our Sanford mold inspection & testing services, we’ll inspect your home for moisture and collect samples to test for different types of mold. We’ll assess the problem, provide testing, and recommend solutions based on our findings.

Whether you have a leaky roof, humidity problem, or a water intrusion event, we will assess, test, and provide a written remediation report for a mold remediation company to follow for mold removal. We also provide clearance testing once the mold has been properly removed.

Step-by-Step Process
1. Contact us to schedule an appointment
2. Visual assessment of the property
3. Samples collected are sent to an independent lab for analysis
4. Lab results received the next day
5. Inspector provides you with a detailed protocol for mold remediation (if necessary)
6. Mold remediation is done (by a mold remediation company if necessary)
7. Mold clearance testing done following removal of mold (if necessary)

Throughout this entire process, we provide full support to you.

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Our family-owned and -operated company is fully licensed and insured to serve commercial and residential properties in Sanford, FL, and the surrounding areas. We have more than a decade of experience handling mold issues, so contact us today at (407) 395-4549 for our #1 Sanford Mold Inspection & Testing, assessment, and other environmental services.

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Shawna Heninger

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This company is LEGITIMATE! We have used them several times and they have always been accurate. We have used them to inspect several homes that we were thinking of purchasing and they have found mold for us that had either been hidden by the owners or that they owners did not know that they had. They do a great job letting you know if the mold issue is worth worrying about. They don't use scare tactics and really know what they are doing. We highly recommend using them.

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Julie Parker

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We've had called on three times in past year's..Always!!! friendly,helpful, and responsive.. And fast turn over for results.. Thank you

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Buffalo Ambition Barbers

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They are fast an very easy to work with will definitely recommend them .

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Roger Xavier

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A very professional company. Fast and efficient service at an affordable price.

Healthy Home Environmental Services LLC Reviews

Rolf Kvamme

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Fast and Friendly service. Will definitely recommend to all my friends.