Do You Have Mold Coverage? It’s Important in Orlando, FL

Our Team Will Work with Your Insurance Company

Mold is a silent and often unnoticed enemy. It grows in damp, dark places, unseen until it has spread, and poses an immediate threat to your family’s health. This contaminant not only infects surfaces but can also create unhealthy air that is then breathed in by your family. Healthy Home Environmental Services tests to identify mold types and levels of mold early before it becomes a bigger problem. In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance will have mold coverage to help cover the costs of this testing. If your policy does not have this coverage, it’s still a worthwhile investment, as mold growth is a common problem in the humid and wet climate of Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas.

What Coverage Includes Mold Testing?

Most homeowners’ insurance has coverage for water damage, which covers damage caused by burst pipes, roof leaks, and other structural problems. As a result, your coverage may also pay for mold testing that is needed because of water damage. Check your policy to see if you have mold rider coverage, most policies do. Damage caused by floods, on the other hand, is different. Flooding involves a natural event that causes water from outside the home to rush into the space. In many cases, standard homeowners’ policies will not include coverage for flood damage, but you can purchase this coverage for an additional cost. This additional flood insurance will likely include coverage for mold testing. However, it’s important to check with your agent to be sure. Regardless of what has caused your need for mold testing or what type of policy you have, it’s essential to get your home tested soon after the water damage occurs, as your insurance likely won’t cover the costs if you realize the mold growth a year after the incident.

We Work Directly with Your Insurance Company

One of the best parts about Healthy Home Environmental Services is that we work with your insurance company on mold inspection & testing services. Once you’ve established that your policy covers mold-related claims we can begin the process. We can work with and bill your insurance company directly, so you won’t have to pay out of pocket and wait for a reimbursement. In addition, if your insurance company requires information about the results of the test and our recommendations about how to remedy your mold problem in order for them to cover the cost, we can provide this documentation as well. We can only bill insurance companies with approved open valid claims and cannot begin the testing process until coverage has been verified and our required documentation has been submitted to us.

How Insurance Protects You Financially

Insurance is a necessary part of life as it helps to protect your financial well-being if unexpected events and expenses occur. In return for a monthly or yearly premium, you get protection from potentially disastrous events that could otherwise leave you financially devastated. In most cases of extreme damage to your home, you will only be responsible for paying your deductible, and the insurance will cover the rest. This is a small price to pay for protection and peace of mind.

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If you have additional questions about our mold testing services or other air quality testing capabilities, we encourage you to reach out to our team today. We can provide you with the answers you need and let you know if we’ll be able to work with your insurance company to help you cover the costs of testing. Contact us to get started!