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How to find the best mold inspector near Orlando, FL


Navigating the often murky waters of home maintenance can sometimes feel daunting. One issue homeowners are sometimes confronted with is mold, a problem that not only damages the property but also poses serious health risks.

Therefore, when it comes to detecting and dealing with this menace, it’s crucial to engage the services of an environmental IAQ professional. If you live in Orlando, Florida, and are facing a potential mold problem, Here are some steps to find the best mold inspector near Orlando, Florida:

1. Search Online

The internet is a powerful tool for finding local services. Start with a simple search like “mold inspectors in Orlando, FL” or “Orlando mold inspection services.” This will give you a list of potential candidates for top mold home inspectors.

2. Check Reviews

Look at the reviews and ratings of each mold inspector. Websites like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau can provide useful customer reviews of mold testing companies. Be cautious of businesses with only a few or too many negative reviews.

3. Verify Certification

Make sure that the inspector is certified by a recognized professional organization such as the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI), the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), or the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). Certification indicates that the inspector has undergone training and adheres to certain standards.

4. Experience Matters

Look for a company or inspector with a history of performing mold inspections. Experience can make a significant difference in the quality and reliability of the inspection.

5. Ask for a Sample Protocol Report

A good mold inspector should provide a detailed protocol report after the inspection. Ask for a sample report to understand what you can expect.

6. Insurance

Make sure the mold inspector has insurance coverage. This will protect you in case of any damages or accidents during the inspection. They can also advise and work with your mold home insurance.

7. Services Offered

Some companies offer comprehensive services that include not just inspection but also mold remediation. If you suspect a major mold problem, it might be convenient to hire a mold inspection and testing company that can handle everything.

8. Get Quotes

Contact several house mold testing inspectors or mold testing companies to get quotes for the inspection & testing services. This will give you an idea of what the average cost is and help you identify any outliers.

9. Ask Questions

When you contact them, ask about their mold assessment process, what’s included in their service, how long it takes, etc. A mold expert should be able to answer your questions clearly and concisely.

10. Trust Your Gut

Lastly, go with your instinct. If a company or inspector gives you a bad feeling or seems unprofessional, it’s okay to look elsewhere. If you find you are need of a reliable and trustworthy mold inspection and testing company, contact Healthy Home Environmental Services today!


Finding the right mold inspector in Orlando, FL, is an important step toward ensuring the health and safety of your home environment. By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed choice.

Remember, the best mold inspector is certified, experienced, insured, and well-reviewed. Above all, they should be able to provide a detailed and understandable report that assists you in taking the necessary steps to remediate any mold problem. Don’t compromise on this – your home’s health is too important.

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