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Meet Dana & Sally AIkin | Professional Mold Inspectors

A little about us...

Due to the rising concern over safety and wellness issues involving indoor air quality, Healthy Home Environmental Services, LLC, was founded in 2006 to help homeowners and business owners improve their indoor air quality. We are family-owned and operated, providing mold testing and indoor air quality testing in the greater Orlando and Central Florida areas. We pride ourselves on the detailed quality of our reports, our unbiased observations, and our quick response time.

Our company specializes in consultation, inspections, testing, and analysis for mold and health issues related to poor indoor air quality in residential and commercial properties. Our services have included government and municipal buildings, child care centers and schools, residential and commercial buildings.


In business since 2006, we have experience inspecting both commercial and residential properties for environmental conditions that affect indoor air quality and how they relate to human health.


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